Theorem 2017

Theorem 2017 cover


“Theorem is organised and run by PhD students for the benefit not just of the research culture at Anglia Ruskin but for any post-doctoral Arts research community wishing to expand or consolidate its research culture. It is a notable addition to the provision for PhD research in the Arts in the UK.”

Katy Macleod, Reader of Fine Art at Kingston University London. Her co-authored essay ‘Writing and the PhD in Fine Art’ was included in The Rutledge Companion to Research in the Arts, edited by Michael Biggs and Henrik Karrlson. (2010 hdbk; 2012 ppbk).


About the editor

Jane Boyer is an artist, curator, writer and doctoral candidate at Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University. She is Managing Editor for Ruskin Arts Publications and Postgraduate Coordinator at CSA.

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