Theorem 2018

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Our biggest volume yet of peer-reviewed essays on the latest practice research in the visual arts and design! 

This year we have a record number of fourteen essays for our publication, and keynote essay from experimental filmmaker, Nina Danino. Nina’s essay is particularly interesting, not least because of the discussion she presents comparing the process of making her two films, Jennifer, based in the Discalced Carmelite monastery in Rhonda, Spain, and Sorelle Povere de Santa Chiara filmed within the closed community of Clarissians in San Marino. The films are portraits, based on an individual and a community. Nina discusses how the religious space is constructed in both films, while examining the intersection of religion, feminist perspectives and experimental film. There is a wide range of essays on offer in this publication, from using participator photography to help NEET youths gain self-worth, to using attunement as testimony for a politically disappeared father in Leoni’s 1960s Venezuela, to a diagrammatic essay on Afro-Caribbean American identity, to exploring affect theory to express the embodiment of self-harm, just to name a few.


About the editor

Jane Boyer is an artist, curator, writer and doctoral candidate at Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University. She is Managing Editor for Ruskin Arts Publications and Postgraduate Coordinator at CSA.

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