Stories of Kalingalinga

Cover for Stories of Kalingalinga, edited by Kerstin Hacker, published by Ruskin Arts Publications


Published on the event of the exhibition at Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University: 15 Jan to 13 Feb 2020.

Stories of Kalingalinga

is a powerful photographic exhibition that promises to change people’s perceptions of the African continent will open in Cambridge in January. Stories of Kalingalinga highlights some of the rapid economic and social changes that have taken place in the neighbourhood of Kalingalinga in Zambia’s capital Lusaka.

Kalingalinga is being squeezed on all sides by more affluent suburbs and the images in the exhibition capture the rich diversity in this community as changes due to modernisation begin to gather pace. The exhibition, which will be on display at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) from 16 January 2020, will feature the work of 11 photographers and visual artists who were invited by ARU and the Zambian National Visual Arts Council to take part in a workshop in Lusaka earlier this year.

The photographers created their own personal interpretations of Kalingalinga, in a wide range of lens-based styles and approaches, with the resulting images challenging the idea of a singular visual narrative of Africa. The exhibition directly questions post-colonial representations of Zambia, and Africa more broadly, and highlights the power of imagery and the importance of looking out for hidden narratives and voices. Muchemwa Sichone, one of the Zambian photographers, said: “Throughout the workshop, my perspectives on how I look at photography changed. But more importantly, I learnt that photography is not only about great images, but also how it influences the way people look at the world.”

Video interviews with each of the photographers will be on display around the gallery. The videos provide a voice for this new generation of creatives to speak about their experiences and their own approaches to photography.  The exhibition, and the workshop in Lusaka, have been organised by Kerstin Hacker of ARU, who has also been working closely with the University of Zambia to establish the country’s first Photography degree course, which will begin in 2021.

About the Editor

Kerstin Hacker is a photo documentarist and academic and her work is published and exhibited internationally. She is a recipient of the Agfa/Emma Female Photojournalist of the Year Award, is an Alexia Foundation alumna and is a Fellow of the Centre for Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP) in the UK.

Her long-term research interests explore the changing perception, representation and visual self-governance in Africa. Her current research explores the emerging affluent classes in Lusaka, Zambia.

Kerstin Hacker was born in Bavaria/Germany in 1968. She holds a BA and MA from Academy of Applied Arts (FAMU), Prague, Czech Republic.  Since 2008 she is Head of Photography at the Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University and leads the BA and MA courses.

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