Ways of Thinking

Twenty practitioners, including writers, designers, illustrators, photographers, and sculptors, examine how an initial moment of curiosity led them towards the production of an original creative outcome. In so doing they reveal the myriad ways in which we notice, absorb, understand — and ultimately transform — the world around us. You can imagine how it is … More Ways of Thinking

Theorem 2018

Description Our biggest volume yet of peer-reviewed essays on the latest practice research in the visual arts and design!  This year we have a record number of fourteen essays for our publication, and keynote essay from experimental filmmaker, Nina Danino. Nina’s essay is particularly interesting, not least because of the discussion she presents comparing the … More Theorem 2018

The Ruskin Songbook

Description Commissioned to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Anglia Ruskin University, The Ruskin Songbook contains fifteen new compositions inspired by John Ruskin’s writings on education and the power of music as a transformative activity. With works for voice and piano, voice and instruments, choir, electronic media and live algorithmic electronics, the collection seeks to mirror … More The Ruskin Songbook

Theorem 2017

Description “Theorem is organised and run by PhD students for the benefit not just of the research culture at Anglia Ruskin but for any post-doctoral Arts research community wishing to expand or consolidate its research culture. It is a notable addition to the provision for PhD research in the Arts in the UK.” Katy Macleod, … More Theorem 2017

Theorem 2016

Description THEOREM was the pilot project for an expanded PhD conference, which saw the presentation of practice-based visual art research together with theoretical research in the visual arts at Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University. The project proposed an exhibition of visual research to run concurrently with a one-day PhD research symposium, allowing the … More Theorem 2016